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Luckii Ya Dig

"It's the T O O T I E, hater's don't want you with me" became the defining moment to Luckii Ya Dig's career, at the age of 12 " I just wanted to be better than my older female cousin." I took that exact same verse to school and on the spot got the title first lady of the "Hard Throb Clique" in Middle School.

By the time i was in High School i was a solo act doing early morning freestyles in the cafeteria or the gym. After graduating i took it more seriously and was a last minute act to be added on "The Refuge Tour" to honor her hometown New Orleans, La., after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Luckii Ya Dig then moved to Atlanta, Ga., and begin doing opens mics, that lead to opening acts for artist like Lil Jon's East Side Boyz, Dj Unk, and 112. Luckii Ya Dig won Apache Café artist spotlight in 2011. Performed for Deca High School 2014 Senior Prom. MooreHouse College Homecoming Act in 2015, and Ive also been nominated for Best Female Underground Artist in Atlanta.








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